Letting Go

“When it feels scary to jump that is exactly when you jump. Otherwise, you end up staying in the same place your whole life.”

Remember when you were young during the summer time? Maybe your friend had a pool or perhaps you were fortunate to have one in your own backyard. The pool water was always cold in the beginning of the Summer, you would dip your toes in to check the temperature then recoil quickly because of the coldness. Eventually the time would come, the time to get in, the time to jump. Staring down at the water you could feel the coldness like needles, and for several moments you reconsidered this pool idea, “maybe going swimming right now isn’t the best idea, I don’t really want to go swimming any way.”

Then, something remarkable would happen, often with your eyes closed, you’d take a deep breath and just jump. That moment was so exhilarating because once you were airborne there was no stopping now, no way to go back. You knew about the imminent shock of first hitting the water and then the discomfort of being enveloped in icy water to follow. Every bone in your body was telling you “no” but your heart was saying “yes.”

So often in our lives we fail to move or to even step because we don’t have all the answers. We don’t know what this or that will look like, we don’t know how we’re going to handle the inevitable problem that will arise should we start to move in a particular direction. How will I pay for this? How will it sound to this or that person?

What will they think of me? We are stunned, we are frozen in our lives because of the fear of not knowing about every single twist and turn as well as how to handle every twist and turn a long the way.

A very close friend and teacher of mine use to say that there is a path before each and every one of us with many gifts along the way. These gifts are spread out, some parts of the path contain many gifts close together, other parts however are barren for long stretches. The only way one can discover these gifts is to walk the path, without moving forward the gifts remain sealed, out of sight and only a “what if”. You can gaze down the path from where you stand and speculate what gifts might lay ahead but the only way they can become real and yours is to move forward, to close your eyes and just jump.

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