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Businesses work tirelessly on their products, space, and their staff to make customers feel good about coming through their doors.

When you walk into a spa, even before you go in for the treatment, you know very well that you’re in a spa. The way the music plays, the colors, the product display, the light or lack thereof are all elements that combine to create your experience. The way the staff is dressed, the tone they use, their smiles, and their interaction with you in the waiting area are all carefully crafted and rehearsed in order to convey the atmosphere and product that the spa wishes to get across. After all, what separates any business from their competition is what happens to the customer the moment they walk in their door. The business with the best overall experience will win, every time.

The website is the heart and soul of your business’s virtual existence. Greater than any other medium or any other interactive space, the website conveys more about your business and the character of your business. Rather than conveying facts and descriptions about the business, the website’s sole purpose is to convey the business itself. Reading about someone is very different than meeting them in person. The website is the closest a customer can come to walking in your front door and meeting you for the first time.

20% of monthly Google Searches are for local businesses. Having an effective website is no longer optional, it’s critical.
(Source: Google, April 2010)

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"Harmonic Energies’ ability to quickly understand our company’s sales goals, target audiences, and services truly set their company apart from their competitors. Their seamless process of website design, implementation, and marketing campaigns has given our company an end product that has shown direct results in our sales and client’s education." Powerhouse Recycling


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